Vision, business concept and targets


Cybercom’s vision is to become our clients’ most trusted business partner in the Connected World.

Business concept

Cybercom assists companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world.

Operating targets

Cybercom’s operating targets are to:

  • Within three years be regarded as the most well-known and respected brand in Connectivity among clients and employees, and on the labour market.
  • Within three years become a leading provider of Connectivity services in the Nordic market, combined with a well-balanced global delivery capability.
  • Within three years have a balanced client portfolio with 30 percent of sales from telecom, 30 percent from the public sector and 30 percent from manufacturing industry.
  • Within three years broaden the client base so that the ten largest clients account for 35 percent of sales and no single client accounts for more than 15 percent of sales.

Long-term financial targets

In 2011, the board established long-term financial targets for Cybercom. These targets are unchanged, with a priority on profitability and debt policy.


Cybercom shall be one of the more profitable companies among its closest comparable competitors and achieve an EBIT margin of 10 percent.


Cybercom shall strive to achieve growth of 10 percent
annually over the business cycle.

Acquisition policy

Organic growth and profitability are the key objectives for Cybercom, but selective acquisitions that create value and contribute to growth will be assessed against this strategy.

Debt policy

Cybercom shall have net debt that does not exceed 30 percent of equity over time.

Dividend policy

Cybercom shall pay a dividend to its shareholders of at least 30 percent of net profit, provided that no special considerations exist with regard to the company’s financial position or plans.