Our strategy

Our strategy

The strategy has been revised by the board and management in 2012. This has resulted in a new business plan for the next three years. This plan is Cybercom’s most important tool in addressing increased client demand while improving efficiency in order to achieve the long-term financial targets, which prioritise profitability over growth.

The most important changes in brief:

  • Focus on Nordic region
  • Uniform client offering
  • Four strong business domains
  • Broadening the client base

Focus on Nordic region

The strategy includes a change to Cybercom’s geographical markets. The focus now is on the Nordic home market, with Poland, India and Singapore as international centres of excellence that both support the Nordic business and represent their own specialist businesses. Cybercom’s joint venture in India, which previously supplied mainly to Sweden, now delivers to the whole of Cybercom. In line with the new business strategy, including optimisation of global delivery capacity and a focus on fewer but stronger international units, Cybercom discontinued the operations in Romania and sold the operations in China in 2012.

One Cybercom with a unified sales organisation and with global delivery capabilities has the ability to deliver more turnkey projects. Cybercom now acts even more clearly as a unified company with a uniform culture and shared values.

Uniform client offering

The most important change is that the company is leaving behind a decentralised, fragmented business to instead provide a clear client offering with a unified sales organisation, shared support functions and global delivery capabilities.

The change helps to strengthen Cybercom’s position as a supplier of Connectivity in the IT services market, while the company has even better opportunities for delivering professional turnkey projects with blended delivery.

Four strong business domains

Cybercom’s offering has been repackaged in order to clarify where Cybercom can add value in the value chain. This supports the broadening of the client base currently underway, in which Cybercom delivers to businesses in a wide range of industries.

Cybercom’s service offering is divided into four areas:

  • Connected Engineering
  • Connectivity Management
  • Digital Solutions
  • Secure Connectivity

Within these four areas Cybercom provides consulting services, strategy and advice, testing and quality assurance, security solutions, system development, systems integration, system management and hosting. Cybercom delivers both with local resources and with the assistance of global delivery capabilities.

Broadening the client base

Cybercom has historically had high exposure to the telecom sector. With an emphasis on telecommunications and Internet skills, Cybercom’s profile of expertise can be applied in any industry. Cybercom is currently implementing a conscious broadening of its client base to reduce its exposure to the telecom sector. Furthermore, Cybercom has had a relatively small part of each client’s business, but the aim is to expand this proportion among strategic clients by selling Cybercom’s complete proposition and delivering a higher proportion of project-based assignments. Cybercom is focusing on fewer clients than before, but the transactions with each client will be larger and more profitable.

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