Northeast region

Cybercom’s largest operations are Northeast Sweden, with approximately 345 employees and offices in Stockholm, Östersund and the Sundsvall region. Approximately 290 employees share the office in the west of Kungsholmen, Stockholm, with the parent company. This operation is the origin of Cybercom, which was founded in 1995 and was listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 1999. Among the first clients were Ericsson, Telia, and public authorities and agencies such as the Swedish Tax Board and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. These are still important clients for the company. The region also has an office in Sundsvall with approximately 15 employees, and one in Östersund with approximately 40 employees. In addition to these employees, Cybercom Northeast Sweden also has some 70 partners and other consultants in the Mälaren Valley and in northern Sweden, mainly with assignments in the public sector where Cybercom has won many coveted framework agreements in recent years. Public sector assignments account for almost half of Cybercom’s sales in this region, and the remainder of the region’s sales come from assignments in the telecom, industrial and retail sectors. In Östersund, the assignments are largely complex and heavy-weight technology for the defence and telecom sectors, often with a particular emphasis on security.

The principal focus is on offerings in the Digital Solutions business domain. Stockholm also gathers together the largest proportion of Cybercom’s consultants in Secure Connectivity. Cybercom helps clients to achieve their business objectives by enhancing their business or streamlining their operations through the creation of new digital services and offerings that are provided in a secure manner over the Internet, such as websites, e-commerce, social media and mobile solutions. Cybercom’s offering is based on the company’s strength in combining many years of experience and expertise in business and IT.

Key clients include ASSA ABLOY, Ericsson, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, Inera, H&M, Tele2, TeliaSonera, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

From 2013, the Northeast region is headed by Annika Eriksson. Annika is originally a system developer, and joined Cybercom in 1999. She started as a project manager and has run many of the company’s major client projects over the years, and has held various senior roles in the Stockholm operations.

– We are a strong player in the connected world, where we help our clients to gain market share or increase their efficiency through digital solutions. Communications technology benefits us all, both individuals and companies, and encourages new behaviours. Our role is to correctly guide clients through the digital landscape. My passion lies in the possibilities offered by mobility – the mobile society that supports our daily lives, says Annika Eriksson.

Mid region

With 270 employees, the Mid region is the second-largest operation in Sweden. The business covers offices in Gothenburg with approximately 150 employees, Huskvarna with approximately 30 employees and Linköping with approximately 90 employees.

The main focus is the Connected Engineering business, where Cybercom helps product development companies to enhance their business in the connected society. Ericsson, AB Volvo and Volvo Cars are key clients in Gothenburg. Cybercom is an industry expert partner to Ericsson for developing services and products for the automotive industry, and has developed a concept to connect the driver and vehicle to the cloud based on Ericsson’s Multiservice Delivery Platform. Cybercom is also a specialist supplier of electronics and software development to Volvo Cars, and has developed solutions for the company’s first connected infotainment solution. Internationally, Cybercom is a leading supplier of Bluetooth® solutions, with development activities in both Gothenburg and Huskvarna, and with international clients such as BMW, Freescale, JCI, Magneti Marelli, PLDS and QNX. Another important client for the Huskvarna operations is Kapsch TrafficCom in Jönköping, which develops road tolling systems for the international market. Saab, Ericsson and Sectra are key clients in Linköping. Cybercom assists Saab with its development of the Gripen and its share of the Neuron UAV project, which is an unmanned stealth craft, as well as with communication and ground systems.

Johan Wallin, who heads the Mid region, joined the business in 2002. Johan’s professional career since the 1990s has been focused on business development of services for the connected world. He worked with Ericsson’s international rollout of GSM and 3G, long before the real commercial breakthrough came. At the time the services were governed by the technology, which means it was about what the technology could achieve. Today, it is demand that matters, and it is about realising business or strengthening a brand.

– I set my sights on the connected society as early as the 1990s, and it is extremely exciting to see the services, features and capabilities that are now being realised. The entire industry has matured and the technology is now an enabler for both businesses and individuals. It’s about identity and your brand in the digital arena. Business values can now begin to be realised. It is also amazing to see how the Internet and technology are opening and enabling the dissemination of knowledge. This is a question of democracy being realised, says Johan Wallin.

South region

From offices in Malmö and Karlskrona, Cybercom’s consultants work with companies and authorities across the south of Sweden. In total, the operations have some 215 employees, of which about 200 in Malmö.

In essence, the business is focused on developing, integrating and managing digital and mobile applications or systems. Clients include Doro, Mobill, Perstorp, QlikTech, ST-Ericsson, Sony Mobile and Verisure.

Approximately half of sales come from assignments in Digital Solutions, and half from Connected Engineering. A large part of the business works with advanced testing and verification of mobile platforms. This has become an increasingly important area for businesses as products and services need to be launched at a rapid pace on many different platforms in order to enhance or maintain a market position. It can be very costly to a company if a product is launched with errors or insecure functions. Today’s end-users are demanding; mobile services need to function and be user friendly.

Cybercom’s expertise also lies within the area of user experience (UX), which is the experience that the user obtains by using the product or system. For example it is important that the interface of the product or solution is easy to understand, eye-catching and pleasant to use. In recent years, many new types of company have taken the step out into the mobile market by launching their services through a mobile phone or other platform. Cybercom helps companies including IDG, Nationalencyklopedin, SF and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) to develop mobile applications. Cybercom’s assignments often begin in strategy and concept development and continue into development and rollout of new mobile applications.

Henrik Benckert has headed the operations of South region since January 1, 2013. Henrik joined Cybercom in 2005. He has a master’s degree, and before he joined Cybercom he was employed by Sony, where he was project manager for the development of different functions in mobile phones.

– Skåne has a cluster of innovative technology companies and this stimulates us to be agile and constantly moving forward. It is an environment I thrive in. We are also now seeing a newly awakened and keen interest from clients in the region in addition to the major telecom companies that have traditionally been our clients. We help these companies to reach a wider client base through new channels and innovative and secure services, says Henrik Benckert.