Cybercom has operations in Finland with a total of approximately 260 employees, distributed between offices in Helsinki with around 60 employees, Tampere with 175, and Turku with around 25. The operations were started in 1999 and were acquired by Cybercom in 2008. In recent years, the company has realigned its business away from the deteriorating Finnish telecom market towards segments with greater demand, such as industry and media. In 2012, Cybercom obtained a position in the Finnish public sector through important new contracts with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment and the National Board of Education. Helsingfors Energi and Itella are also important clients.

Cybercom’s consultants in Finland are mainly active in the fields of Connected Engineering and Digital Solutions, and develop software and solutions for Internet services, embedded intelligent systems and surveillance systems, and are responsible for the web services of Finland’s major media houses Alma Media Corporation and MTV Oy. Finland’s most popular and most visited web services, such as,,, and are managed, developed and hosted by Cybercom. Development includes services such as intranets, extranets, search engines, e-shops, payment and security solutions, and various card and mobile solutions. User interfaces and usability of design often play an important role.

Cybercom’s well-established position among industrial companies extends back many years. Cybercom develops software for intelligent machines or devices. This may involve, for example, systems for simulation/training, monitoring or remote control of mining and construction equipment, tunnelling robots (drills), vehicles and elevators. Key clients include Outotec, Kone and Sandvik Mining and Construction.

Cybercom’s Finnish operations have been led by Petteri Puhakka since 2010. He was also acting president and CEO of Cybercom for six months ahead of Niklas Flyborg taking up the post in March 2012. Before Petteri came to Cybercom he had held senior roles in the IT industry since the mid 1980s, with companies such as Capgemini and Tieto.

– Our strength comes from understanding the craft of technology, and all the years of experience provide us with a great understanding of our clients’ businesses. We are agile in the field of connected technology and we assist our clients with secure solutions and with obtaining rapid return on investment. This is illustrated by the opportunities and savings generated through e-services for agencies and municipalities, says Petteri Puhakka.