Service offering

Cybercom’s service offering is divided into four areas:

  • Connected Engineering
  • Connectivity Management
  • Digital Solutions
  • Secure Connectivity

Within these four areas Cybercom provides consulting services, strategy and advice, testing and quality assurance, security solutions, system development, systems integration, system management and hosting. Delivery is available both with local resources and with the assistance of global delivery capabilities.

Connected Engineering

People, organisations, companies, devices, machines and systems increasingly communicate with each other. By understanding the client’s business and operating environment Cybercom develops communication solutions where there are clear benefits in transforming processes through digital interconnection of devices. Cybercom offers everything from platform development to cloud-based solutions.

Examples of assignments

Cybercom has for several years worked closely with one of the world’s largest elevator manufacturers in its development of elevator systems. Cybercom has developed the client’s software systems to control elevators in everything from individual buildings to large facilities such as a major international airport. The software system allows elevators to communicate with each other and with other transport systems such as escalators. This enhances the efficiency of use of the elevator systems and minimises the transit time when using them. The software system also provides the operator with an overall picture of how the elevator system is currently operating, with information on capacity utilisation, interruptions, problems, and historical statistics to optimise utility. The software system is today used as a complement to the client’s elevator products around the world.

Connectivity Management

As people and devices increasingly communicate via networks, and as data traffic increases in the world, Cybercom offers consulting, industry analysis and security analysis for utility maximisation, expansion and upgrading of networks in order to meet increasing demand for capacity.

Examples of assignments

Cybercom has assisted a telephone operator in the construction of a new mobile network in Rwanda. The assignment included running the project from the initial start until the network reached full capacity and was handed over to the end client. Cybercom today continues to work closely with the client in Rwanda to support the client in its continued expansion of telecom networks and in optimising network performance.

Digital Solutions

This offering is about helping businesses to benefit from the opportunities provided by the use of IT, such as enhancing growth, reducing costs, improving productivity and ensuring security. Cybercom develops systems, online strategies and digital solutions.

Examples of assignments

Cybercom has for several years worked in close collaboration with one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers on several of its outsourced operations.

Together with the client, Cybercom has defined, developed and maintained the client’s extensive and broad online presence, which includes the client’s website, e-commerce solution, campaign sites and mobile channels and applications.

Thanks to its global delivery capabilities and high levels of quality and service, Cybercom has been able to quickly and cost-effectively deliver according to client’s wishes and requirements. This means that the client has benefited from the flexibility and speed needed for product launches and brand changes. By leveraging its global delivery capabilities Cybercom continues to take care of important parts of the client’s applications, thereby creating a stable, effective and secure application environment for the client.

Secure Connectivity

Cybercom helps clients to identify and minimise IT risk at an early stage.

As we become increasingly mobile, with ever more critical information in cloud services, the need for enhanced IT security expands. Who should have access to data, and what about integrity and confidentiality? How does IT security align with increased demands for compliance?

This is all about balancing the risks against requirements for openness and accessibility. Risk and security are two communicating vessels – constantly interdependent, with each investment in IT having to be weighed against risk and where the economic consequences of different decisions require careful analysis. Cybercom’s experts analyse the risks of a cyber-attack, draw up security policies and compliance services or provide advice on how to protect sensitive data.